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Mr. Sedona
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“Guided Adventures”

Are you looking for a vertical challenge, a family hike, hidden swimming pools, unmatched vistas and photo opportunities, or just a relaxing walk? Perhaps you want to learn about our geology, archaeology, plants, animals, and the local heritage and culture? We are the hiking experts in Sedona.

In addition to leading hiking tours your hiking guide researches trails, teaches hiking classes and clinics, and volunteers for speaking engagements. Each hiking guide has access to all of The Hike House resources with the sole purpose of making your hiking tour safe, healthy, and the best hiking experience possible.

Our exclusive, privately guided walking and hiking nature outings offer you so much.

1. You’ll learn! From geology to wildlife, the Native American story to plant life, you’ll come to understand Sedona’s amazing terrain and the people and creatures who have inhabited it.

2. You’ll explore! On a trail that’s just right for your level of ability, you’ll see spectacular beauty and panoramic scenery, beyond the range of crowds.

3. You’ll feel! Sedona is a place of spirit and energy, evocative and inspiring. We’ll teach you how to connect with nature, rather than conquer it. The results are unforgettable.

The Hike House Guided Adventures are led by acclaimed guide Dennis Andres, “Mr. Sedona” and his team at Sedona Private Guides. Having hiked more than 5,000 miles in the area, and as the author of 3 books on Sedona, no one is better qualified to show you into Red Rock Country.


How healthy do we need to be, and how far will we hike?
Our private adventures are tailored for your level of ability. We’ll take the time to find out your health and energy levels before choosing a trail. 

Where will we go?
Each week of the year, Sedona reveals new beauty. From winter snow melt to spring wildflowers to autumn foliage, the offerings always change. Add to that the movement of the sun each day and by season, and you’ll realize that the smart thing is not to choose a trail: It is to let Sedona tell us what it wants to show off!

Where do we meet?
Adventures begin and end at The Hike House. This ensures that we’ll have the very latest information, from occasional road closures to wildlife sightings, before beginning the journey.

What about jeep tours?
The Forest Service restricts vehicle access to just a few trails. There are different ways to see our Sedona Red Rock Country including 4-wheel, balloon, helicopter and plane. But hiking is different – more than sightseeing. It is personal, a relationship between you and nature. It is a challenge, accomplishment, and at the end of the trail a personal victory in nature – an experience you will keep with you.

How far in advance should we book our adventure?
Our adventures our exclusive, and book up extremely quickly, thanks to favorable publicity in regional, national and even international media (Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, etc.). We strongly recommend booking as soon as you decide you’ll be visiting Sedona, especially for high seasons. If you’ve just arrived, give us a call. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.