Sedona Hiking Trails – Ratings and Reviews

The Hike House has recently introduced the web-based Sedona Trail Rating System. Our intent is to introduce you to all the fantastic hiking trails in Sedona. You can easily identify what other hikers experienced as easy trails, moderate trails, and hard hiking trails. Each hiking trail has a description, ratings, photos, video, and commentary. Some hiking trails may not be complete yet.The Sedona Trail Rating System is being added to daily by authors, photographers, and most importantly YOU! The Sedona Trail Rating System is quickly becoming the most recognized, comprehensive and useful online hiking trail resource for Sedona.

Please look through the hiking trails listed below. We also hope you will share your hiking experience here and rate a trail so fellow hikers can benefit from your experience.

Sedona Trail Rating System

Trail (click trail name to view detail)SummaryOverallViewsDifficultyRate Trail
A.B. Young Trail4.44.03.6
Airport Mesa Trail3.94.42.4
Allen's Bend Trail and Grasshopper Point3.52.51.5
Baldwin Trail to Cathedral Rock4.14.12.1
Bear Mountain Trail4.74.84.1
Bear Sign Trail4.04.03.0
Bell Rock Pathway3.84.21.4
Bell Trail4.14.02.8
Big Park Loop3.53.52.0
Blodgett Basin Trail4.04.05.0
Boynton Canyon3.63.62.3
Boynton Vista Trail4.44.42.4
Brins Mesa Trail from Dry Creek4.04.62.8
Brins Mesa Trail from Uptown Sedona4.54.42.9
Broken Arrow Trail to Chicken Point4.34.52.7
Broken Arrow Trail to Submarine Rock4.03.73.0
Carroll Canyon Trail3.53.03.0
Carruth Loop4.04.01.0
Casner Canyon Trail3.84.04.0
Casner Mountain Trail4.04.05.0
Cathedral Rock Trail from 1794.64.83.2
Cathedral Rock from Oak Creek4.64.72.7
Cathedral/Templeton Trail4.84.62.2
Centennial Trail4.04.01.0
Chapel Trail3.33.82.0
Chimney Rock Loop4.04.02.5
Chuck Wagon Trail2.72.71.7
Cibola Pass3.54.02.5
Cockscomb Trail3.74.02.0
Coffeepot Rock3.03.51.0
Cookstove Trail4.54.34.8
Courthouse Butte Loop4.24.62.0
Cow Pies4.04.02.0
Crescent Moon Ranch3.74.71.0
Dawa Trail2.32.72.0
Deadman's Pass Trail3.33.51.3
Devil's Bridge Trail4.64.72.7
Doe Mountain Trail4.54.72.7
Dogie Trail4.04.04.0
Dry Creek Trail4.03.52.0
Eagles' Nest Loop Trail4.04.01.0
Fay Canyon Trail4.04.01.6
Girdner Trail3.54.32.5
HS Canyon Trail4.04.03.0
HT Trail3.03.52.0
Hangover Trail4.05.05.0
Harding Springs Trail4.54.54.0
Herkenham Trail4.04.03.0
Hi Line Trail4.04.04.0
Hogs Trail4.04.03.0
Honanki Ruins4.04.01.0
Hot Loop Trail4.04.55.0
Hot Loop-Jacks Canyon Trail Loop4.04.05.0
House of Apache Fire-Coyote Ridge Trail4.04.01.0
Huckaby Trail4.03.62.3
Jacks Canyon4.04.05.0
Javalina-Apache Fire Trail Loop4.04.01.0
Jim Thompson Trail4.04.02.0
Jordan Trail4.04.02.0
Lime Kiln Trail4.04.03.0
Little Horse Trail4.64.82.1
Long Canyon3.23.41.8
Lower Chimney Loop4.04.02.0
Loy Canyon4.04.04.0
Marg's Draw Trail3.73.82.0
Merry-Go-Round Rock Trail4.04.02.0
Mescal Trail4.74.72.7
Mitten Ridge4.04.03.0
Mooney Trail4.04.05.0
Munds Mountain Trail4.54.53.8
Munds Wagon Trail4.14.43.2
Mystic Trail from Chapel Road4.04.01.3
Old Post-Carroll Canyon-Ridge Trails Loop4.54.03.0
Overlook Point Trails4.04.02.0
Palatki Ruins4.04.01.0
Purtymun Trail2.73.04.3
Rabbit Ears3.53.52.5
Rams Head4.04.02.0
Ridge Trail4.04.33.0
Rupp Trail4.04.53.0
Scheurman Mountail Trail3.54.03.0
Schnebly Hill Trail4.54.53.0
Secret Canyon Trail4.54.53.0
Secret Canyon/D. Miller/ Bear Sign Loop4.04.04.0
Slide Rock State Park4.34.04.3
Soldiers Pass4.34.32.8
Sterling Pass Trail4.04.23.8
Sterling Pass Trail to Vultee Arch4.64.44.6
Sugarloaf Summit Loop3.54.02.0
Teacup Trail3.83.52.0
Telephone Trail3.74.04.7
Templeton Trail4.24.42.4
Thomas Point Trail4.54.54.5
Thunder Mountain Trail4.04.02.0
Turkey Creek Trail to House Mountain3.84.43.0
V-Bar-V or West Clear Creek4.04.01.0
Van Deren Cabin4.04.02.0
Vultee Arch Trail4.54.02.0
West Fork Trail4.54.41.8
Wilson (North) to First Bench4.54.54.5
Wilson Canyon3.53.52.0
Wilson Mountain Canyon Loop4.04.05.0
Wilson Mountain Trail4.04.54.0
Wilson Mountain Trail to First Bench4.44.64.2
Woods Canyon4.04.03.0

Sedona Trail Rating System Key

We believe in hiking preparedness, which includes hiking safety, maps of Sedona trails, hiking gear, education, etc. Once the essentials are covered then selecting the best hiking trail for your abilities and desires is the most important thing to ensure an over the top hiking experience. There are easy trails, moderate trails, and hard trails but these simple classifications do not allow for the complex diversity of the hiking trails that Sedona offers. The user friendly Sedona Trail Rating System takes classification to another level.

Sedona is the Day Hike Capital of America with over 100 hiking trails and no two trails are the same. We invite you to use the Sedona Trail Rating System and get familiar with our trails. Then, when you want to identify the single best trail for your hiking experience, we invite you to visit The Hike House and use the Sedona Trail Finder.

The Sedona Trail Finder is a high definition interactive tool that “marries your abilities and desires” to the perfect trail experience. Learn more about the Sedona Trail Finder by clicking here!