“Less than 10% of people will experience the best parts of the
Grand Canyon South Rim and even fewer below the Rim..
it’s time to change that!”

Greg Stevenson

John Wesley Powell said it best, “The wonders of the Grand Canyon cannot be adequately represented in symbols of speech, nor by speech itself.” My hope for you is that you will experience the best that the Grand Canyon has to offer.

For to many people (approximately 5 million) travel to The Grand Canyon each year only to miss her most spectacular viewpoints, hiking trails, art, history and culture. It is time to change that!

The Grand Canyon Planning Station is a dual faceted approach to help you experience the best of The Grand Canyon. Whether you are seeking the grandest viewpoints, the easiest or most difficult hiking trails, the art and history of The Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon’s Native American Culture or just need help with the appropriate gear needed for your adventure…The Hike House can help.

The Hike House Presents:



Learn and know the appropriate gear that you will need while viewing/hiking The Grand Canyon. We take you through a “customizable template” that highlights:

- Over 25 viewpoints (Learn best viewpoints and crowd avoidance)
- Over 30 Grand Canyon Hiking Trails
- Easy, Moderate, Difficult Hiking Trails
- “Rim Hikes” & “Below Rim” Hikes
- Art & Cultural Galleries, Native American Sites and Geology
- Sunrise/Sunsets/Moon Phases- best vantage points and timing
- Event Calendar/Ranger Talk & Hikes/Weather Reports
- Maps, Guidebooks, Driving Directions and Lodging Options
Grand Canyon Planning Station