“We are one wrong step or one wrong turn away from spending  the night on the trail. Preparation and safety is paramount.”

Greg Stevenson

Hiking Safety and Hiking Gear include:

  • Navigation (Sedona Trail Maps, Trail Guides, GPS units, Compasses)
  • Hydration (Packs, water belts, water bottles)
  • Footwear (Hiking Boots, Shoes, Sandals, Trail Running, Youth)
  • Walking Sticks, Poles, Headlamps & Tools
  • Hiking Safety, Survival, and Preparation
  • Lip Balms, Sun Protection, Hats
  • Energy Supply/Energy Café (Food and Hydration for the Trail)
Hiking Gear

Practical Hiking Safety Tips (click to view):

Sedona is the Day Hike Capital of America

The Hike House is the hiking center of Sedona. The Hike House was founded with the goal of making your hiking experience the best it can be. That means not an average experience, not even just a good experience, but an over the top excellent experience so you will return and bring your family, fellow hikers, and experience all that Sedona offers.Hiking Preparedness is the foundation of your hiking experience and includes Hiking Safety, Hiking Gear, Sedona Trail Maps, Education, Trail Selection, Check Lists, and more.

We have helped thousands change a potentially average hiking experience into a guaranteed excellent hiking experience. Stop by and visit, sit for a while in our café or on the patio, talk with other hikers, use the Sedona Trail finder, and see why so many begin their hiking experience with us.