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The Hike House presents 
Sedona Trail Finder


Sedona Arizona stands by itself as the Day Hike Capital of America with 43 trails in a 5 mile radius, 86 trails in a 10 mile radius, and 113 trails in a 20 mile radius. Hiking is the largest and fastest growing sector of tourism in Sedona.

The diversity of Sedona trails is as amazing as the challenge to select the best trail for you and your group. We want you to have the best hiking experience possible so we developed the Sedona Trail Finder, a high-definition interactive database of all of the Sedona trails and trail data.

The Sedona Trail Finder marries desires and abilities to the most appropriate hiking experience. This is accomplished by comparing the desired experience to the trail data including the hiking experiences of others. The system captures your criteria (desires & abilities) then filters appropriate hikes in Sedona allowing you to discuss the selections, adjust your criteria to change the selections or further refine your choices.

There is no cost to use the Sedona Trail Finder. You will also receive a 2 page color trail report that identifies your selected Sedona hiking trails. The report will contain a signature picture of the trail, trail data (incline, distance, time, and difficulty), trail summary, driving directions and hiking checklist.

The Sedona Trail Finder is an experience in itself and has helped thousands work through the process of selecting the best hiking trail for their desires and abilities.

Announcing the Sedona Trail Rating System

The trail data in the Sedona Trail Finder was a collaborative effort of local experts including our Sedona trail guides. The Hike House has now introduced the Sedona Trail Rating System to allow the public to comment and rate Sedona trails based on their individual experience. The Sedona Trail Rating System is accessible over the Internet to the public and includes trail data, photos and videos.

Sedona Trail Finder

Hike Sedona – Over The Top Hiking Experience

Sedona is the Day Hike Capital of America. Countless people come from across America and around the world to hike Sedona and enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The Sedona Trail Rating System is being added to daily by authors, photographers, and most importantly YOU! So hike Sedona, then use the Sedona Trail Rating System to share your experience to help other hikers find that over the top excellent experience.

We are promoters and advocates of hiking. The Hike House was founded with the goal of making your hiking experience the best it can be. That means not average, not good, but over the top excellent so you will return and bring your family, fellow hikers, and experience all that Sedona offers.

10 Most Beautiful Places in America

Sedona’s high-and-dry climate creates the opportunity for year-round hiking. Sedona offers over 300 sunny days each year with annual average lows of 45 degrees and highs of 75 degrees. Add to your hiking experience the fact that Sedona is consistently rated as one of the 10 Most Beautiful Places in America and you are guaranteed a vacation to remember.