Do you dream of capturing world class images of your trip to Sedona? Want to elevate your snapshots to photographic works of art?

Join Sedona based professional photographer and artist Kevin Floerke for an outdoor photography experience designed to help you capture your best ever images in the striking red rock scenery of Sedona. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Kevin will help you elevate your images by putting you in the best position to capture the ever-changing light on the cliffs and monuments of this unique and stunning landscape. Whether you are equipped with a professional camera body and lenses, or looking to get the most out of your cellphone camera, this experience is guaranteed to help you immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful settings the Southwest has to offer, and leave with images you’ll be proud to display!

Topics covered: Composition, exposure, types and angles of light, relationship of exposure to color and contrast, storytelling through photographic composition.


Discover and capture the beauty of Sedona’s internationally recognized dark skies with award winning astrophotographer Kevin Floerke. Learn to capture nightscapes that incorporate the red rocks of Sedona under the stars. Whether you’re an experienced photographer looking for the best perspectives at the best time, or you’re a beginner looking to capture your first image of the Milky Way, Kevin can help you leave Sedona with your best night sky photographs!

Topics covered: Nightscape composition, exposure, nailing focus in low light, composite image techniques, what to look for in the night sky.

Note: Night sky conditions vary depending on the weather and the phase of the moon. Your guide can explain expected conditions during your visit.

Required equipment: Tripod, DSLR or Mirrorless camera, iPhone Pro 12+, or recent Samsung/Google phone model.